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       "THERE'S NO STOPPING US NOW"!........................... "THERE'S NO STOPPING US NOW"! ........................... "THERE'S NO STOPPING US NOW"!       
Welcome to Clemmie Ross James Elementary Academy of Excellence!
"Where We Educate the Whole Child"
Welcome to
Clemmie Ross
James Elementary
Academy of Excellence

Assistant PrincipalSharon Waite
Assistant Principal Rosemarie Manhertz

Student Hours
Monday: 7:45-1:30
Tuesday- Friday: 7:45-2:30
Breakfast 7:15-7:45
Report Your Child's Absence!
If your child is absent from school,
please remember to call the
attendance line to report the absence.
Phone: 740-4800
InSync Education provides families,
students, and educators an online tool
available 24/7 from any computer or
mobile device and is a great tool.
Single Gender Classrooms
James Elementary has been chosen to
participate in the Voluntary
Public Schools Choice Grant Program.
James Elementary Academy of Excellence
Attractor theme is Single Gender Classes.
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Common Core State Standards
K-5 are now implementing
Common Core State Standards!
Click on the link below for
Parent Roadmaps
to learn more about
the specific standards
for your child's grade level.
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Parent registration is now available for Edsby
To register your account, you will need the
following information.
Student Number
Name of student's school
Last four digits of student's
Social Security Number
Student's Birth Date
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Important Links
Elementary Mathematics Parent Flyer
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